CREATIVE ACHIEVER mini-course by Vadim Kotelnikov, Achievement training, creativity courses PowerPoint download



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by Vadim Kotelnikov


CREATIVE ACHIEVERr (mini-course by Vadim Kotelnikov, PowerPoint download) Inspirational Mini-courses CREATIVE ACHIEVERr (mini-course by Vadim Kotelnikov, PowerPoint download)


Creative Achiever

Follow your heart and intuition. Your passion will lead you to inspiration and completion. That's all you need. Follow you inner direction, not external suggestions. Don't split your energy. By trying to chase many rabbits at once, you'll catch neither. Focus, if you wish to hit the mark, and pursue your true passion, if you wish to be creative. Creativity is your key to a brighter future. Creativity gives you an incredible source of adventure, achievement, self-discovery, connection, spirituality, awakening, self-worth, identity, healing, happiness, energy, and power.



Your unique benefits

Four Chapters

1. Find Lasting Inspiration

2. Unlock Your Creativity

3. Build Habits of a Great Achiever

4. Become a Creative Leader


Find Lasting Inspiration

Three Intertwined Pillars of Inspiration

3 Attitude Tips

3 Expertise Tips

3 Exploration Tips

3 Cross-pollination Tips

Dream Big Dreams

4 Powerful Attitudes

Be Different and Make a Difference!

Life-Business Synergy

Unlock Your Creativity

3 Pillars of Creativity

2 Creativity Catalysts

Challenge Assumptions and Status Quo

Lateral Thinking

Think Outside-the-Box

Ask Searching Questions

Discover and Build Synergies

Solve Problems Creatively

Turn Problems To Opportunities

Problem Solving: Tap Into Your Subconscious Mind

Make Creativity a Habit

Build Habits of a Great Achiever

8 Winning Habits of a Great Achiever

Yin and Yang of Achievement

Find Your True Passion

6 Steps To Developing a Grand Vision

Embrace an Achievement Attitude

Create Inevitable Success

Make Decisions Quickly

Create Greater Value for Others

The Wheel of Personal Success

Achievement-focused Self-Coaching

Be a Creative Leader

Leader 360

Create Change

How To Lead Creative People

Creative Leadership DOs and DON'Ts

Learning SWOT Questions


80 Slides  +

80 half-page Executive Summaries



Sample Slides



How To Find Your True Passion: 4 Questions to Answer



Habits of Successful People: 8 Habits of a Great Achiever by Vadim Kotelnikov


80 inspirational seeds of achievement!

The power of a seed is amazing!

Plant it, and you can get something as large as a tree!


CREATIVE ACHIEVER mini-course by Vadim Kotelnikov, Achievement training, creativity courses PowerPoint download

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